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Bible Basics

Are you curious about the Bible? Is any of it even relevant for today? The Bible Basics course provides you with an overview of the Bible and will demonstrate how the Old and New Testament books fit together.

Level: Basic| Number of Lessons: 6| Time Required: 2 Hours Minimum
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Bible Study Basics

If you began today, you could spend a lifetime looking for and discovering all of the treasures of the Bible. In Bible Study Basics you will need to become childlike, yet scientific at the same time, as you ask these questions: Who is the author? To whom is he writing? Why?

Level: Basic| Number of Lessons: 5| Time Required: 1 Hour Minimum
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Discipleship in Community: Spiritual Formation and the Church

What is spirituality? How is it formed both in private and in community? This course explores the meaning of biblical Christianity and its relation to faith and practice within contemporary cultural contexts, giving special attention to the corporate dimensions of spirituality and spiritual formation as defined in the New Testament.

Level: Advanced| Number of Lessons: 24| Time Required: 34 Hours Minimum
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The Christian Life: An Evangelical Spiritual Theology

With the contemporary interest in spirituality, it is imperative that the church establish a comprehensive theology of Christian spirituality that can inform the life and witness of Christian believers. This course presents a theology for spirituality.

Level: Advanced| Number of Lessons: 24| Time Required: 35 Hours Minimum
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